Action Production Stills

The Art of Shooting Stills for Motion Picture Action

Who is Danno Nell?

Danno has spent years shooting stills during moments of action. From his earliest days in the 1980’s with an SLR camera in his hands, he shot high school sports for his High School Yearbook, Cycling sporting events and Forest Fire aerial water dumps, just name a few.

Not every photographer is created equal. Unlike Danno, most photographers don’t grow up shooting photos. Most, especially in todays digital world, pick up a camera as a hobbie, then decide to take a jump into a career. More often than not the jobs they get are more about who they know than what they know.

Learned to shoot action

He spent time following the action of forest fires along the Wasatch Front where he learned to photograph fire during the daylight. Quickly he learned that every situation isn’t the same, simply shooting at a high shutter speed  isn’t the answer, especially in lower light situations.

Why Hire Danno?

Experience is everything, anyone with a camera can take a photograph. Finding a quality photographer that shoots action sequences can be difficult. For example, Frank Masi, Jason Boland and Rico Tores are among the industries best action photographers who know the power of a great shot, one that can immortalize the film in a single shot.

Danno has spent 33 years working on his craft. His understanding of what it takes to create that immortal photo is not simply educational, it is real-world experince. 


Every production faces unique hurdles to overcome when it comes to shooting unit stills. Because Production Stills are a key piece of the success of a Motion Picture, Unit Publicist should never skimp on budget, quality or experience. Danno brings over 33 years of photographic knowledge to the table. Furthermore, Danno’s College background is in film production which gives him a advantage when it comes to walking the walk and talking the talk on set.

If you are looking to hire a Unit Stills Photographer or Production Stills Photographer, look no further than Danno Nell. Every job requires the right tools. You wouldn’t hire a news camera man to DP a 150 Million Dollar film would you? Why hire any old person with a camera to shoot your stills.

Danno Nell