About Danno

For over 32 years Danno has had a camera in his hands. His passion for photography began at the early age of 13 when he stepped inside the darkroom to develop his first prints. Over the years he has shot hundreds of thousands of photographs, first on film where he honed his technical skills for capturing the moment then on to digital where he explored many different styles and subjects, eventually turning to Unit Still Photography in 2002, While attending the University of Utah’s fine arts film program.

Danno was accepted into the International Cinematographers Guild in June of 2005 after several years working on independent film and commercial projects where he worked as a Unit Stills Photographer and Cinematographer, among other positions.

Trivia: Danno served in the U.S. Armed Forces as an Army Combat Medic. In the early 2000’s Danno attended the University of Utah as a Fine Arts Major with an emphasis on Film Production.